Quaker Color is Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

BRF Series

Water-based - Resin Free - Zero VOC Dispersions
CodePigment TypeColor% Pigment Load
BRF-B152-5217PB 15:2Phthalo Blue40
BRF-B153-7901PB 15:3Phthalo Blue40
BRF-BK7-010PBk 7Carbon Tinting Black38
BRF-BNU-2748PBR 7 Burnt Umber40
BRF-G7-5212PG 7Phthalo Green36
BRF-O34-8501PO 34 Diarylide Orange40
BRF-073-5215PO 73DPP Orange36
BRF-RT101-2750PR 101Red Iron Oxide40
BRF-RT101-841PR 101Red Iron Oxide60
BRF-RT1011-82PR 101Red Iron Oxide55
BRF-R254-7902PR 254DPP Red40
BRF-R264-5218PR 264DPP Rubine Red30
BRF-V23-857PV 23Carbazole Violet20
BRF-YT42-2751PY 42Yellow Iron Oxide40
BRF-Y42-5224PY 42Yellow Iron Oxide53
BRF-Y110-5206PY 110Isoindolinone Yellow37
BRF-Y151-5204PY 151Benzimidazolone Yellow31
BRF-Y151-868PY 151Benzimidazolone Yellow40
BRF-Y155-2900PY 155Benzimidazolone Yellow32
BRF-Y184-7903PY 184Bismuth Vanadate Yellow60
BRF-W6-1204PW 6 Titanium Dioxide70

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Quaker Color is Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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