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4 Series

Non-Aqueous Acrylic Resin (Chips)
CodeColor Index (C.I.)Pigment Description% Pigment Load
4BE-11PB 60Indanthrone Blue50
4P-BE-12192PB 15:1Phthalo Blue (RS)50
4-BE-4PB 15:3Phthalo Blue (GS)50
4-BE-1540PB 15:4Phthalo Blue (GS)49
4P-BK-12190PBk 7Carbon Tinting Black40
4-BK7-902PBk 7Carbon Jet Black25
4-BN-9PBr 7Burnt Umber50
4-BN-28PBr 7Burnt Sienna50
4-G-10PG 7Phthalo Green (BS)40
4-G-1PG 36Phthalo Green (YS)50
4-Y-17PO 43Organic Orange50
4P-R-12194PR 57:1Lithol Rubine50
4P-R-12202PR 101Red Iron Oxide, Transparent50
4-R-40PR 101Red Iron Oxide, Transparent46
4-R-38PR 122Quindo Magenta50
4-R-16PR 177Anthraquinone Red50
4-R-141PR 179Perylene Maroon45
4P-R-12266PR 299Naphthol Red50
4-R-15PV 19Quinacridone Violet50
4-V-78PV 23Carbazole Violet50
4-W-2PW 6Titanium Dioxide80
4-Y-61PY 83Diarylide Yellow, Opaque or Trans50
4-Y-62PY 175Benzimidazolone Yellow50

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Quaker Color is Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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