Quaker Color is Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

4 Series

Non-Aqueous Acrylic Resin (Chips)  
Color Index (C.I.)Pigment Description% Pigment Load
PB 60Indanthrone Blue50
PB 15:1Phthalo Blue (RS)50
PB 15:3Phthalo Blue (GS)50
PB 15:4Phthalo Blue (GS)49
PBk 7Carbon Black40
PBr 7Burnt Umber50
PBr 7Burnt Sienna50
PG 7Phthalo Green (BS)40
PG 36Phthalo Green (YS)50
PO 43Organic Orange50
PR 57:1Lithol Rubine50
PR 101Red Iron Oxide, Transparent50
PR 101Red Iron Oxide, Transparent46
PR 122Quindo Magenta50
PR 177Anthraquinone Red50
PR 179Perylene Maroon45
PR 299Naphthol Red50
PV 19Quinacridone Violet50
PV 23Carbazole Violet50
PW 6Titanium Dioxide80
PY 83Diarylide Yellow, Opaque or Trans50
PY 175Benzimidazolone Yellow50

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Quaker Color is Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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